You have inner wisdom.


We're all born with ancient wisdom.

Whether we call it our inner guide, intuition, inner wisdom or some other term, we are all born with this inexplicable understanding of our journey - even though we don't always have connection to it. In this 8 day summit, over 20 speakers will offer their insights on real ways that you can reconnect with our innate knowledge and power. 

Our topics on inner wisdom are as varied as you can get, so if there is something you need around the following - it's here.

Use your inner wisdom to:

  • Listen to your body & heal physically
  • Feel out a relationship
  • Boost your business
  • Follow a greater purpose
  • Become more centered in your own authenticity
  • Reduce stress
  • Make snap decisions you're happy with
  • And so much more...

Reconnect to your knowledge and power.

If you are feeling:

  • Blocked from what you want
  • Disconnected from your own knowing
  • Unclear about your path
  • Torn in many directions
  • Unable to make solid-minded decisions
  • Exhausted from worry or stress

... then this summit is going to be exactly what you need to get back in touch with your intuition, wisdom and inner guide.

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There's no fluff here.

 Unlike other summits where it's just a lot of talk, but not a lot of action - our experts will offer practical exercises and techniques to tap into your inner wisdom. There will be meditations, relaxation techniques and other actionable ways we can get to our inner knowing.

It's going to be a valuable use of your time and there are even FREE downloadable gifts from the speakers as well!

About the Sessions

There are many ways to get to the wisdom we are all born with. Our speakers cover a wide variety of those techniques in one summit. 

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A Spiritual Journey to the Heart – Rhonda Gaughan
Beliefs that Block Us – Laurie Riedman
Discovering Your Calling Through Your Inner Wisdom – Christin Biergans
Embracing Who You Are to Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom – Angèle Cristina
Energy Medicine Exercises for Inner Wisdom – Jeani Howard
Find Your Purpose & Magic – Angelique von Löbbecke
Finding Your Wisdom Through the Inner Child – Teresita Fawcett
Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom – Christina Guillen
Getting to Know Your Inner Crone/Wisdom – Charlene Tosi
How to find your Zone of Genius – Christin Biergans
How to Use Hypnosis as a Practical and Empowering Tool – Stacia Aashna
Inner Wisdom for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Nicole Sawyers
Learn the Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams – Emma Lundwall
Listening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance – Katlin Robinson
Our Bodies as Our Truth – Toni-Cara Stellitano
Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom – Dave Mueller
Remember Who You Truly Are – Christel Libiot
Sexual Fantasy & the Higher Self – Joli Hamilton
Sit Spot: Nature Meditation – Lynn Trotta
The Test – Lee S. Irwin
Using Our Feminine to Benefit Our Business – Alison Davis
Using Your Internal Guidance System in Relationships – Diane K. Pascos
Why Tarot: An Introduction to Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery – Sarah M. Chappell
Your Body, Your Power – Natalie Baack


If you've ever wanted to dish out hundreds for workshops like these, you need to register. All the information will be at your finger-tips.

Your Host

Christina Smith

I am an eternal student. I love speaking to people about personal growth and how we can challenge ourselves to be better (in life and marketing, which is my forte). So I'll be asking great questions and giving you some behind-the-scenes updates.

About the Speakers

Each of our speakers are expert in their fields and work with people everyday inn connecting to their wisdom in some area of their life. Check out all the speaker details here.

They will be answering questions on their presenter's pages - so you get real feedback on your questions!


Charlene Tosi

Inviting the Wisdom of the Crone

Charlene is the Founder of Woman Within International, a nonprofit focused on the empowerment of women, and the author of Discover Your Woman Within: A Journey to Wholeness.

Rhonda Gaughan

A Spiritual Journey to the Heart

Rhonda Gaughan is an international workshop leader, trainer, mentor, facilitator and executive coach. She is a Certified Shadow Work® Coach as well as a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator.

Emma Lundwall

Using Our Inner Wisdom to Manifest Our Dream Lives

Emma is a writer, speaker and coach for adults and children. She focuses on helping people connect to the wisdom within by sharing her truth. 

Sarah M. Chappell

Why Tarot: An Intro to Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery

Sarah M. Chappell is a transformational healer and writer who intuitively blends tarot, flower and stone essences, herbal remedies, and reiki.

Jeani Howard

Energy Medicine Exercises for Inner Wisdom

Mum of 4 who has dedicated her life to helping others through their trauma and pain. 1 of only 16 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world as well as an energy medicine healer, EFT and Master Reiki Practitioner.

Alison Davis

Using Our Feminine to Benefit Our Business

Alison is an experiential and transformational coach and mentor to other coaches. She focuses on bringing the sparkle back into your life and connecting you to your inner wisdom, empowering you to transform your life.

Angèle Cristina

Embracing Who You Are to Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom

Angèle's focus is all about how we express our authentic wisdom through embracing all of who we are. She focuses on sharing, positive vibes, support, embracing your vulnerabilities and going for your dreams!

Lynn Trotta

Sit Spot: Nature Meditation

Lynn Trotta, co-founder of Sagefire Institute and Nature-Based life coach has has married her love of nature with her passion for enlivening the human race. Lynn works with individuals and groups to help guide the construction of a life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning and shout “Yes!”

Joli Hamilton

Sexual fantasy and the (Higher) Self

Joli is a depth psychologist and AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator. Joli focuses on bridging modern scientific sexuality information and classic depth psychology principles so each individual can increase their sexual fulfillment and understanding.

Stacia Aashna

How to Use Hypnosis as a Practical & Empowering Tool

Stacia Aashna is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She facilitates empowering breakthroughs to help people unlock a deep sense of confidence, awareness and excitement about who they are and what they are capable of.

Lee S. Irwin

The Test

Lee helps intuitive women entrepreneurs to get clear on how to live their highest purpose, make good money doing their “Divine Thing”, and Transform stuckness into unexpected miracles in their life and business.

Christel Libiot

Remember Who You Truly Are

Christel believes that we Know deep down what is True for us and that our personal journey is to Remember that Truth. She offers many practices to enhance and unblock the journey back to your Truth.

David Mueller

Hypnosis Trance for Diving Deeper

David is a certified hypnotherpaist who has been perfecting his technique for over three decades. He uses hypnosis in a variety of ways from losing weight to improving performance.

Teresita Fawcett

Finding Your Wisdom Through Your Inner Child

Teresita is a healer who embraces many techniques to help people move forward in their life. She is a Certified Facilitator for Woman Within and Vets Journey Home. 

Christina Guillen

Getting in touch with your body wisdom

Through one-on-one tantra and embodiment sessions, I help people discover a powerful path to self love, how to feel love more deeply, and tools to alleviate body discomfort and other health concerns.

Katlin Robinson

Listening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance

Katlin is a Yoga Therapist specializing in yoga, mindfulness and meditation for mental health. She empowers and inspires women to bring light back into their spirit so that they can radiate it back to the world.

Toni-Cara Stellitano

Our Bodies as Our Truth

Toni-Cara is a  licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with families and regaining emotional balance naturally. She supports individuals to explore the tension in their lives and embrace their internal resources of knowledge and wisdom.

Diane Pascos

Using Your Internal Guidance System in Relationships

Diane helps women to become empowered in their relationships with Life Coaching. She invites you to a truly intimate journey where she'll help you reveal the unconscious barriers keeping you from living at your highest purpose and potential.

Natalie Baack

Your Body, Your Power

Natalie's mission is to help women everywhere untangle their self-worth and health from looks and weight so they can feel truly empowered in all areas of their lives.

Christin Biergans

Discovering Your Calling Through Your Inner Wisdom

Christin is a holistic global business, lifestyle & success mentor. She helps entrepreneurs and mompreneurs turn their ambition into business.

Nicole Sawyers

Inner Wisdom in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Nicole Sawyers is a Labor & Postpartum Doula, a mother of three and resident of Philadelphia. Her passion is serving families throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Laurie Riedman

Beliefs that Block Us

Laurie co-leads couples weekends for relationship growth and development and also works as a PR genius in her own company, Riedman Communications. She loves to help people communicate whether that is in business or personal relationships.

Angélique von Löbbecke

Find Your Purpose & Magic

Angélique works as a Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker and Author. Activator for female entrepreneurs ready to unlock and expand their spiritual gifts.