Self-Love September Event
The Archetypes of Self-Love

September 27 @ 7:00 pm EDT

Added: September 28 @ 10 am EDT

Live, Intimate & Online: Join us from ANYWHERE.

All over 18 welcome.

Since it will be a confidential circle, it won't be recorded so you'll want to be there. This circle will be limited to 12 to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard is they choose. Sign up to reserve your spot.

What we'll cover:


  • The core Jungian Archetypes of self-love
  • The Sovereign Archetype and how she unlocks all the others
  • How we use the Archetypes to improve our confidence, authenticity and self-care
  • Exercises to call up the archetype we need
  • Engage, share and support each other live


Show up for your own self-love and join us!